Volunteer Opportunities
for Alumni & Friends

If you want more information about how to get involved or have other ideas of how you would like to engage with students, email the Program Administrator, Mecia Lockwood (mecia.lockwood@rice.edu). We are always open to an email, Zoom, or coffee conversation to discuss in more detail.

Gateway Website Alumni Spotlight

The career possibilities with a degree within the School of Sciences are vast. Help students think about potential career paths and how to leverage their degree by sharing your story!

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Time Commitment: One hour

Summer Fellowship Mentor

The Summer Fellows programs provides students stipends to pursue unpaid internships in diverse industries and cities and students are paired with an accomplished alumnus in that city to further learn about their own career goals and what it may take to get there. If you are interested in serving as a mentor in your city, we would love to consider you as students confirm their internship placements!

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours

OwlConnect Panelist

Each month, Gateway hosts OwlConnect panels that touch on a variety of career fields in order to provide current students with experienced perspectives on career paths, job progression, and other tips on how to market their degree in social sciences to a particular industry. We’d love to have you share your experience with students!

Time Commitment: 1.5 hours

Finance, Health, or Public Service Practicum Host

The Finance and Banking Practicum pairs students with host organizations and businesses around Houston to allow them to gather first-hand knowledge while taking a class with a lecturer in the field. If you are working in the finance/banking industry, consider hosting a student for a semester. In addition, we will be adding a Health Practicum and a Public Service Practicum within 1-2 years – we are actively gathering hosts before we go live!

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Time Commitment: minimum 10 hours/week for a semester (Fall/Spring)

Consulting Practicum Project Host

The Consulting Practicum offers experiential learning on all project phases from investigation and analysis, through presentation of recommendations designed to meet real-world needs.

Students work on a semester-long project, collaborating with diverse organizations to investigate projects as consultants. Consider being a project sponsor and allow students to work with you on a real-life problem that your company faces. Projects can be from any industry and can touch on a variety of types of consulting. We are always looking for diverse projects!

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Time Commitment: 5-10 hours/semester

Consulting Practicum Mentor

Students in the consulting practicum are also paired with a consultant mentor. If you are in the consulting field, consider mentoring one of the project groups for a semester.

Time Commitment: minimum 3 hours/semester